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The Idea

Every succesful project starts with an idea. How often have you thought about an E-Commerce project or an E-Commerce website ? Apperently you are not the only one and someone else might be working on the same idea already. So what does it take to establish a successful e-commerce project?

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The Concept

How to make an idea sustainable

The key to a successful concept is the interplay of a clever idea, a smart strategy and attrictive branding. I will guide you throughout your project from start to finish and will help you develop a sustainable concept. This is achieved by a stretegic project management incorporating your idea and the latest relevant trends and innovations.


The Product

What makes a website successful?

The key to a successfull website is a fluent integration of functionality and emotionality. Website visitor decide within the first weather or not they like a website. In order to be successful you need to inspire your visitors from the very first second. with a seamless interplay of design and intuitive control.

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The Strategy

Online marketing is not a game of chances

With the right strategy you can optimize your budget and get the right visitors to your website. The essential rule is quality over quantity. With web analytics you'll learn how to track your website visitors and find out how to adjust your marketing campaigns or onsite quality.

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Janik Lipke

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Janik Lipke

Growing up as an onliner I spent most of my life in the city of Hamburg which has a rich and influential culture of internet business and media. Since 2011 I study E-Commerce at the University of Applied Sience - FH Wedel and accordingly work as an E-Commerce Freelancer.